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Sis, Tell Us

Your Story

Want to write for CROWN'D Entrepreneur Magazine?

We’re always looking for writers who have a story to share. If you’re interested in submitting content, please read our submission guidelines below. You can submit your story at the end of our guidelines.


If you are submitting an outline of your story idea please include an estimated word count, a brief description of your background, and details of the imagery (are you submitting original photos that you took yourself? Did a photographer consent to having the photos published? Do you need stock images?). 

If you are submitting your finished and previously unpublished piece, please also submit photos along with photo credits. If you don’t have photos please note this as well.

Stories We Love

We are interested in how-to stories, narrative essays, and profiles of inspirational individuals/organizations. Your story should fall in one of our editorial highlights:

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Health (fitness, physical wellness, mental wellness, cooking, etc)

  • Style (fashion, grooming, beauty, etc)

  • Money & Finance

  • Lifestyle (our broadest category may be anything not listed above including travel, home & decor)


Preferred Article Length

A sweet spot for length is between 400-600 words for editorial pitches and 600-900 words for personal essays.

Not a Writer but have a great story to tell?

Please send your full story with as much detail as possible. If we are interested, one of our editors will reach out to work with you on publishing your story.

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